Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nestle suspends halal products due to pork traces

Nestle said on Tuesday it was suspending all production of its Herta halal products after a laboratory found traces of pork.

Nestle suspends halal products due to pork traces
“We have decided to carry out DNA tests so this will delay deliveries … As a result we are suspending production in France until we find a new production process,” a spokeswoman said.

French retailer Casino decided Tuesday to pull Herta halal sausages from the shelves.
French retailer Casino decided earlier on Tuesday to pull from the shelves halal sausages with the Herta brand.
The Herta brand originates from the German town of Herten and was acquired by Nestle in 1986 and launched in the UK in 1988. By 2000, the brand was selling over 150 million hot dogs in the UK alone and remains as the no.1 premium hot dog brand there.

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