Monday, 9 August 2010

HDC i-Kiosk

The creation of a Global Halal Hub is a large multi-channel strategy emcompassing a program of activities. The first stage in biulding this strategy is the adoption of an online platform to significantly boost the visibility of halal products and services, improve communication and information sharing between partners and increase the trade in halal certified food and non-food products.

Compelling  Factors for HDC 

HDC believes it is now appropriate to take one step further in reaching out to audiences beyond the online community as well as to the industry and general public in the form of Interactive Information Kiosks. The outcome of this project will:
  • Provide halal information to the wider audience with search capability and rich multimedia content where it matters most, that is, strategic locations where consumers are about to make buying decisions of JAKIM certified halal products and would like to know more about halal;
  • Educate consumers on all they need to know about Halal
  • Provide HDC with the opportunity to engage and forge closer ties with the industry and third parties in joint-promotion of Halal products and to create a market force for JAKIM certified Halal Products; and
  • Strengthen further HDC's branding and presence within the industry and the general public and position HDC into the premier halal organization.

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