Tuesday, 12 August 2008

McDonalds Opens Store In New York City For Only Halal Food

McDonalds fast food organisation has opened its first store in New York that will sell only Halal Food. They have made two delicous new burgers made with Halal meat called the McHal and the McLamb.The McHal will cost only 99c and comes with a gaurantee that it has been made in the Halal way. The McLamb is going to be the bestseller!Islamic people prefer to eat Halal food. (It means "allowed") The animal has to be killed in an exact way not like in Western countries.The McHal will be very popular with the New York Moslem people who will visit the store for breakfast lunch and dinner for their meals. Some were outside the shop today. One said"We cant wait to eat the American food with 'Islamic twist'. It smells great!"

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