Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Acts on Halal Logo

Animal Rules 1962

1. The Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) must inspect all meat products that are to be transported into the country.
2. An inspection or audit must be carried out once every two years.

Trade Description Act 1972

- Section 10 and 11 provided for:
1. Protection of consumers from any unlawful and unethical trade and business practices.
2. Enforce of the act via the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.
3. Prohibition of the use of false trade description and price for goods and services.
4. Obtaining, with the Minister’s Authority, necessary information before products are supplied, offered for sales or traded.
5. Taking action, punishing and penalising those guilty of offences.

Trade Description Order (The Usage of Halal) 1975 and Trade Description Order (Food Labelling) 1975

1. “Halal”, “Ditanggung Halal” (Guaranteed Halal), “Makanan Islam” (Muslim Food) or similar statements shall mean halal as provided in the Syariah Law.
2. “Syariah Law” is Islamic law according to the four main Mazhabs (denominations) – Shafie, Maliki, Hambali dan Hanafi as agreed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Conference of Rulers.
3. “Halal”, “Ditanggung Halal” (Guaranteed Halal), “Makanan Islam” (Muslim Food) or similar statements when used to describe any food items will mean that the food item:
i. Does not contain any parts from animals considered haram prohibited for consumption in Islamic Law, or are not slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic practice.
ii. Does not contain any ingredients which are deemed unclean (najis) according to Islamic Law.
iii. Are not prepared or processed using any utensils, machinery or tools, which are contaminated with items, considered unclean (najis) according to Islamic Law.
iv. During preparation, processing or storage, did not touch or place near any items considered unclean (najis) and prohibited (haram) within the Islamic Law.

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